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The Series

What if children's books could help our kids succeed?

These can.

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Blue Ocean Bob books introduce children to timeless principles of achievement.  

Through the oceanic quest of a young island boy to protect the sea and its creatures, young readers learn about timeless achievement principles such as purpose, vision, persistence, gratitude, and creativity, among others. Blue Ocean Bob books integrate these principles, distilled from the works of authors such as Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Bob Proctor, and Wallace Wattles, into a colorful storybook series for readers of all ages. The books reveal positive lessons as children read stories filled with adventure and imagination. With Blue Ocean Bob picture and early chapter books, children are encouraged to follow their passions, set goals, and apply principles that can serve them for a lifetime.

In the Blue Ocean Bob Discovers His Purpose picture book (and the Spanish version, Bob del Mar descubre su propósito), young Bob, despite his idyllic island life, yearns for a greater sense of fulfillment. Accompanied by his guardian Xena, an overly cautious hummingbird, his quest leads him first to Al, a playful and spirited dolphin, and then to the local sage, an old turtle named Doc, who finally helps Bob realize his passion and discover his purpose―to protect the sea and all life within it.

In The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob early chapter books, the story continues, but each book can be enjoyed independently: 

In The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob - A Journey Begins, like in the picture book, Bob discovers his purpose to protect the sea, and all life within it, with the help of Al the dolphin and Doc the wise turtle. But to complete his journey, Bob must prove himself to Mary Marine, the Island of Roses’ leading marine biologist. With guidance from Earl the clam and Wallace the walrus, Bob develops a vision and sets a goal to become Mary’s trusted assistant.  Along the way, he learns about the importance of a positive attitude and persistence in pursing his goal.

In The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob - A Challenging Job, Bob begins his new job with Mary Marine who asks him to help a baby seal, clean the shallows, and warn the dolphins about an approaching storm. Later, Al the dolphin alerts Bob about a trapped sting ray. With help from Doc, Earl and Wallace, Bob learns about confidence, responsibility, communication, gratitude, and the true meaning of success as he faithfully carries out his duties to the sea creatures both on and off the shore.

In The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob - Into the Lead, an earthquake sets off an oil spill on the ocean floor and Bob faces his toughest challenge yet. After consulting Doc, Bob musters the courage to dive down and repair the damage alongside his mentor, Mary Marine. But when Mary is called away to a distant island, Bob puts his fears aside and steps into his mentor’s shoes, ultimately recruiting an assistant of his own. On his journey, Bob learns valuable lessons about courage, creativity, decision-making, action, and leadership.

In The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob - A Secret in the Deep, While snorkeling along the ocean reef, Bob senses something below. With encouragement from Cathy crab, he trusts his intuition and assembles a team to explore a shipwreck on the ocean floor.  But despite help from Al the dolphin and his assistant Molly Marine, he is unable to complete the descent. After consulting with Doc the turtle, Earl the Clam, and Eve the octopus, Mary Marine is called back to the Island of Roses to complete the dive team's training. Thanks to a creative plan by Molly, Bob and his dive team perform an unusual deep water rescue of some new friends trapped at the bottom of the Sea of Kerchoo and learn about the power of concentration, imagination, perception, and cooperation.

Blue Ocean Bob books are both fun and educationalThe rich illustrations and inspiring stories delight parents and children alike while the lyrical rhymes make the lessons memorable and digestible. 

Set on the imaginary Island of Roses in the Sea of Kerchoo, Blue Ocean Bob books also foster an appreciation for our oceans and sea life. The vivid island and underwater illustrations bring the young reader into Blue Ocean Bob’s marine world. Bob's passion for the sea and its creatures spotlights our oceans and the importance of protecting them.

Distinguishing the series from other children's adventure stories, Blue Ocean Bob books promote the power of a positive attitude and substitute worldly and aquatic challenges for evil forces or characters. Bob faces challenges, both physical and psychological, on his path. But instead of facing villains or fighting battles, Bob must overcome his own fears, Xena's doubts, the torments of nature, and the internal resistance he feels when he confronts a new challenge.  With the help of his mentor Mary Marine and the sea creatures, Bob learns that most of the solutions can be found if he manages to stay positive, seek the counsel of his wise friends, and believe in himself.

The over-arching theme in The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob is that a positive mental attitude can help one overcome what at first may appear to be insurmountable obstacles. This positive attitude is fueled by a passion and vision to reach a worthy goal and it endures with persistence, self-confidence, and gratitude.