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The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob - A Secret in the Deep

Blue Ocean Bob Books

The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob - A Secret in the Deep

$ 12.95

(hardcover early chapter book)

56 pages
9 1/2″ x 7″
Ages 6-10

While snorkeling along the ocean reef, Bob senses something in the deep below. With encouragement from Cathy crab, he trusts his intuition and assembles a team to explore a shipwreck on the ocean floor.  But despite help from Al the dolphin and his assistant Molly Marine, he is unable to complete the descent. After consulting with Doc the turtle, Earl the Clam, and Eve the octopus, Mary Marine is called back to the Island of Roses to complete the dive team's training. Thanks to a creative plan by Molly, Bob and his dive team perform an unusual deep water rescue of some new friends trapped at the bottom of the Sea of Kerchoo.

The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob: A Secret in the Deep is the fourth installment in this colorful and inspiring early chapter book series that provides young readers with an introduction to timeless principles of achievement.