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Kids Dive Deep with Blue Ocean Bob: Children’s Book Series Inspires Success

The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob – Into the Lead completes innovative early chapter book trilogy that teaches principles of achievement

New York, New York (view release on PRWEB)

What if children’s books could help teach our kids fundamental principles for life-long success? This is the question that author, attorney, business owner and father, Brooks Olbrys asked over six years ago when he began writing The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob books for children. Inspired by his young son and encouraged by author and speaker Bob Proctor, Olbrys created a series of colorful, rhyming books that introduces children to timeless achievement principles wrapped in an oceanic “hero’s journey.” Olbrys distilled the lessons in the books from the teachings of experts on personal achievement including Bob Proctor, Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill, and Wallace Wattles. In the latest book in the series, The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob – Into the Lead, Blue Ocean Bob progresses from a job as an assistant marine biologist into a new leadership role on the island and learns valuable lessons about courage, creativity, decision-making, action and leadership. After an earthquake hits, Bob faces a series of new challenges on his quest to protect the surrounding sea and its creatures and turns to Doc the turtle, Wallace the walrus and Earl the clam for sage advice and guidance. But when his mentor, Mary Marine, is called away to a distant island, Bob puts his fears aside and steps into Mary's shoes. 

Distinguishing the series, Olbrys says, “Blue Ocean Bob books substitute worldly and aquatic challenges for evil forces or characters. Instead of facing villains or fighting battles, Bob must overcome his own fears, and the doubts of his hummingbird companion Xena, each time he confronts a new challenge.”

Fun and impactful, The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob - Into the Lead and the entire series offer:  

  • Access to fundamental achievement principles for children ages 6 to 10
  • Engaging rhyme and colorful illustrations for the whole family to enjoy
  • Stories that foster an appreciation for the ocean and marine life
  • Power through a positive mindset, creative thinking and good decision-making
  • And much more!

The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob early chapter books have received several awards.  A Journey Begins won the Next Generation Indie Book Award for Juvenile Fiction (2015) and was a Foreword Reviews’ Book of the Year INDIEFAB Finalist (2013). A Challenging Job was a Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist for Best Overall Design - Fiction (2016) and a Foreword Reviews’ Book of the Year INDIEFAB Finalist (2015).  Into the Lead won an Academic's Choice Smart Book Award (2016).

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